Senior year is like a finale, a closing of a chapter, and a truly bittersweet moment.

Even though my senior year is just beginning, i have already came upon many “lasts”, such as my last first day, my last homecoming, and my last powderpuff game.


12 years ago, our moms watched us get on a big yellow school bus, with a frightened grin on our face, a backpack on our backs, and a paper with a school bus number in our hands. We stepped on to the bus not knowing what to expect, and then we blinked. We went through awkward middle school years, to being scared freshman fidgeting with out locks to get to class on time, then we were sophomores and thought we had at least a little status. Then, we were finally upperclassmen, and boy did we think that we ran the school. Now, were seniors and that chapter is beginning to close. We have a mix of feelings going on from stress applying to colleges, to scared what life holds next. The memories we have with our classmates will never leave, no matter if its hoco week, pepfests, or a sports team going state. Nothing beats living in the same town as your best friend, and going to prom with your boyfriend. You look around and you see the kid that used to pick his nose in the slide at the playground, who is now going to go college to be a doctor, or the girl you used to give all your halloween candy to, is studying to be a nurse.


As I close this chapter this year I hope to make more friendships, and instead of counting down the days until graduation, I hope I count the laughs I have, friendships I make, and the memories that keep growing.


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