Identity in Christ

Every day should be a new day to live for Jesus, and live a life more like Jesus. No matter where we are or what we are doing we should do it all for Him. Growing up in the technology advanced world we live in today its so easy to “plug in” to our cellphones and our social media and “plug out” of our one true King. Everyone gets caught up in looking a certain way, or acting a certain way because its what everyone else is doing. We get so caught up in trying to be like someone else, or doing what others are doing that we loose our identity. We all have amazing talents, but how are we supposed to find those talents if we have lost out identity?


When we plug ourselves into Christ and live the life that Jesus wants us to live, we find our true identity in Christ. Finding our true identity can be a rollercoaster, a mighty and powerful one at that. We might face bumps on the road, and our plan for our life might not match His plan for our life, but thats why we are living every day for Jesus. No matter where our path goes, its in his control. No matter if your talent is being a doctor, a teacher, a janitor, or a chef all of these are equal talents in the kingdom that we are serving for. Isn’t that such an amazing feeling?


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