Knowing Jesus

If I could travel anywhere in time, it would be to travel when Jesus walked the earth. How wonderful would it be to stand in the presence of my good, good Father? How amazing to see Jesus rob the grave, and better yet break bread for His disciples. It would be amazing to see the same Christ that robbed the grave, the same Christ that lives in me, face to face.
If I could travel anywhere in time there is no doubt in my mind that I would be walking with Jesus and the two men the day of His resurrection. In Luke 24, it says that the disciples knew it was Jesus once he broke the bread and gave thanks. Could it be that they saw on his wrists where the nails used to be? How thankful they must have felt to be redeemed through Jesus Christ.
Another moment I would want to travel in this time zone is to be alongside Jesus when he was tempted by the devil. I feel as though these things would make me stronger. Matthew 4:1-11 is when Jesus is tempted in the wilderness. Jesus lasted 40 days and 40 nights and everything the devil tempted him with He struck back with a powerful verse from the Bible. I would like to go here to walk alongside Jesus in His own struggles, just as He does for me every day. It must seem so very powerful to remember the Bible so perfectly that everything the enemy says Jesus has a verse to say back. It shows us a power we have in everyday life also if we memorize scripture as well as our King has.
A key story in the Bible that I would like to witness from afar would have to be the story about the Prodigal son. Even after the son sinned against his Father, even after he thought he was too far gone, even after he thought he could not be called the Fathers’ son anymore our good, good Father proved him wrong. I would love to see the Father celebrating because of the lost son once being dead in sin, and now being alive in Christ! It would be so cool so see the love and celebration happening for the redemption of this son who was once lost, but now found!
If I could choose any time frame to go back to it would forsure be when Jesus walked the earth. I would get to see His unfailing, steadfast love that endures forever happening right in front of my face! I would have the chance to see Christ rescuing sinners hearts, and claiming them as His beloved. For when Christ was on the cross He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). Even in the midst of the prodigal son, our Father still wanted him to know that he was so loved, pursued, and that one would not face anything alone. We are His, and we are called for, pursued, owned and chosen every single day, and I think that seeing that in person would be pretty cool.


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